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Tiny tips hair design by Long Locks By Millie

Tiny Tips Hair Extensions Portfolio

Tiny tips or as people know them micro rings are semi-permanent hair extensions which can last for 2 months or longer depending upon your natural hair growth, after which they need to be reinstalled. Most hair types are suitable apart from those with very slick hair because of the rings slipping. Great for thicker hair …

Hollywoodweave By Long Locks By Millie

Hollywood Weave Hair Extensions Portfolio

This is a weave installation technique that is easier than a regular weave installation and is suited for almost every hair type. It’s a fast and easy application that will give you a thick full finish. Regular weave applications are mostly suited for people with African or Afro-Caribbean hair because they can be easily braided …

Tapes Hair Design by Long Locks By Millie

Tapes Hair Extensions Portfolio

The time it takes to install tape-ins is quite less compared to other hair extension methods. It only takes about 30-60 minutes to install them unlike other methods that require you to spend considerable time in the styling chair. When applied properly, they can stay on your head for 6 to 10 weeks. Tape in …