Tiny tips hair design by Long Locks By Millie

Tiny Tips Hair Extensions Portfolio

Tiny tips or as people know them micro rings are semi-permanent hair extensions which can last for 2 months or longer depending upon your natural hair growth, after which they need to be reinstalled. Most hair types are suitable apart from those with very slick hair because of the rings slipping. Great for thicker hair and those who are on a budget as the hair can be re-used. They are bonded to the natural hair strand with a nano-sized bead that is undetectable and provides a seamless finish. Unlike bonded (glue) extensions, Tiny Tips hair extensions provide re-usability. The tips of these extensions are not damaged while removing them and can be reinstalled easily. No heat or glue is used and they can be removed easily.

Tiny Tips Hair Extensions

Tiny Tips promote hair growth by putting some pressure on natural hair strands and these are very secure, reliable and durable.

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